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Benefits & Requirements

The portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need.

Deal Registration

Easy deal registration and business review insights:

  • Register new opportunities
  • See deal updates

Training & Support

Tools and training to help you increase your revenue:

  • Technical product videos
  • Product information

Marketing Tools

Select from a range of marketing tools:

  • Pre-built marketing resources
  • Co-branded marketing assets

Sales Tools

Select from a range of sales tools:

  • Educate members of your team
  • Share customer testimonials

Microsoft Partnership story

  • Using the power of Microsoft Azure, we give customers the ability to deliver cutting edge end-to-end digital products in weeks, rather than months.
  • The FintechOS low-code digital creation platform leverages the latest Microsoft technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics.
  • With Azure Cognitive Services, FintechOS speeds up journeys using text analytics, optical character recognition, and face recognition to confirm customer identity.


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We enable financial services customers to generate personalized services or products driven by customer data on the fly."

- Todi Pruteanu
Vice President of Ecosystem, FintechOS